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But who could or would perpetrate such a hoax [the existence of the moon]? Although it is impossible to fully fathom the depth of the deception without further research, the primary culprits are easy to spot. First of all, the various secret societies and religious orders to which the scientists responsible for propagating the moon hoax have belonged from the beginning. One can easily trace the history of this deception through the Templars, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati and the Masons, by way of the various scientists – from Ptolmy to Copernicus to Newton – whose “observations” have been vital toward putting a scholarly veneer to the moon myth. To this day, universities and government agencies such as NASA are full of “scientists” of this kind.
"scientists" "observations" (via boyishgirls)

This has gotta be a joke right?
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"Long Island Medium" - the most horrid show I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness. Trashy con artists claiming to be able to speak to the dead, taking advantage of people in mourning and taking their money. Absolutely disgraceful. How do these people get air time?!

Eurrrrrgh! People are so gullible!

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Food for thought.

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"Hunted by a Freak" by Mogwai. 

Stressful weekend with a lot of work followed by hours of editing. Been going for seven hours now and this sorta music helps keep me focused.

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Clara Rae - Brooklyn - 2013

New favourite model! Wish I could have the privilege of photographing someone like this. Unbelievable aesthetics.

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Still Life Photography in Melbourne.

Copyright belongs to Elizabeth Burns of E.J. Burns Photography.

A shot from an endeavour through the woods the other night. Was uber creepy!

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Feeling like a drone when I’m awake.

Feeling like a drone when I’m awake.

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Just sent out applications for university courses for next year and finished writing my personal statement. Aiming high and going for some of the top arts schools in the country. Never been more anxious in my life! *sweat*

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Forget all the stupid shit on my mind. What a crappy weekend. :(

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Not a bad listen after a very stressful week.

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Have a beer or two, smoke a joint, put in some headphones and paint to this. Perfect.

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For anyone who cares I’ve started a professional blog for my photography. It will only include posts of my photographs and blogs related to current happenings with my work. I will mostly keep to posting photographs though.

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